How to follow pages from my business page and not personal?

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How to follow pages from my business page and not personal?

Understanding the Difference Between a Business Page and a Personal Profile

Let's start with the basics. Facebook users have the option to create a personal profile and a business page. I know it may seem confusing at first, but these two are distinct. Your personal profile is your individual account, the place where you connect with your friends and family. On the other hand, your business page is a public profile that you create for your brand, business, or cause. It's a platform where you can share updates, post photos, and interact with your customers and followers.

One of the unique features of a business page is that it allows you to follow other pages and not just personal profiles. This is a great way to keep an eye on your competition, stay updated with industry trends, and even find inspiration for your own page. And the best part is, you can do this without having to use your personal account.

Setting Up Your Business Page

Before you start following pages from your business page, you need to make sure you've set it up correctly. This involves choosing the right category for your business, filling out all the necessary information, and uploading clear, high-quality photos for your profile picture and cover photo. Remember, your business page is a reflection of your brand, so make it as professional and appealing as possible.

Once your business page is ready, you can start inviting people to like and follow it. This will help increase your visibility and reach on Facebook. You can also start posting relevant content to engage your followers and attract more people to your page.

How to Follow Pages from Your Business Page

Now, let's get to the main topic of this article - how to follow pages from your business page. The process is actually quite straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

First, navigate to the page you want to follow. You can do this by typing the name of the page in the search bar at the top of Facebook. Once you're on the page, look for the three dots (...) on the cover photo and click on it. A dropdown menu will appear, and you should see the option "Like as Your Page". Click on it and select your business page. Just like that, you're now following the page from your business page!

Managing the Pages You Follow

Following a page from your business page doesn't mean your work is done. It's important to regularly check the pages you follow to ensure they're still relevant and beneficial for your business. To do this, go to your business page and click on "More" under the cover photo. Then, select "Likes" from the dropdown menu. You'll see a list of all the pages your page is following. From here, you can easily manage these pages by clicking on the gear icon next to each page.

Benefits of Following Pages from Your Business Page

Why should you follow pages from your business page? There are actually several benefits to this. Firstly, it allows you to stay updated with your competitors and the industry. By following their pages, you can see what they're posting, how they're engaging their followers, and what strategies they're using.

Secondly, following pages from your business page can boost your visibility on Facebook. When you follow a page, it can show up in the "Likes" section of your page, which your followers can see. This could potentially lead to more exposure and followers for your business page.


In conclusion, following pages from your business page is a simple yet effective way to enhance your Facebook marketing strategy. Not only does it help you stay updated with the industry, but it also boosts your visibility on the platform. So go ahead, start following relevant pages from your business page today!

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