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Frameless Shower Screens And Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Whether you are finally building that new home you have always dreamed about, or updating your current bathroom or kitchen, there are many things to take into consideration. But there may be a few options that you haven’t considered before, that while surprising and different can really make a great statement about your amenities.

One option that you may not have considered before is the type of shower screen you might use. There are many different types, and while most of them are more along the more tradition lines, there is one choice that has the ability to change your bathrooms appearance from pretty to ultra beautiful. That is frame less shower screens. What exactly is a frame less shower screen? It’s when you use one or more pieces of glass to form a curtain around your shower, without the need of the bulky and unnecessary shower frame.

While this may appear to be just a way of making a bathroom look more modern, there are many benefits to using frame less shower screens. There’s are no more crooked and uneven tile spacing involved, much easier to clean and create a real sense of space in what can sometimes be a small room of your house, and can give you more leeway in the shape you want your shower screen to be.

The style options for frame less shower screens is quite large, taking into consideration the colour of your glass, while some opt for the traditional clear glass, a lot of businesses who provide this product can supply glass in many colours. This has the potential to create a real ‘WOW’ effect for your bathroom. There‘s also the option of textured glass, which not only creates a great look your bathroom, but also adds a bit of privacy to your showering experience. Using frame less shower screens to create a feature for your bathroom is a great modern and cost effective way of upgrading your bathroom. Click here for more options.

Another room in the house to consider using glass is your kitchen. The norm till now has been to use tiles, and while they are very efficient can be a little outdated, so using glass splashbacks is a great way to update your kitchen in style and ease. This new idea for kitchen surfaces is durable, colourful and easy to clean. And keeping in mind that glass has that light reflection factor, can really create a sense of space and light in your kitchen. They can be custom cut to any size your kitchen requires, and best of all come in a great range of colours. And as a bonus, they are really easy and quick to install.

If you’re looking to update your house, or is one of those lucky people building your own home, using glass, whether it’s in your bathroom or your kitchen can really add a sense of style and uniqueness to your house. And with so many varieties and options available at this website, can really assist you in putting that person stamp on your home.