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Quick Diy Projects To Decorate Your Home

Are you tired of finding the same things in the shops to decorate your home? After visiting a friend’s house only to realise they had created a replica of the Ikea catalogue in their living room, we came up with a few quick ways to decorate the home and add a touch of personality. Here are some quick DIY projects you can do yourself to decorate your home.


Looking to dress up those walls? There are plenty of things you can to do to totally transform your area. You can create a feature wall by adding a pop of colour with a fresh coat of paint. If paint doesn’t take your fancy you can choose a great wall paper to use instead. Some people choose to do both by painting a wall and turning bits of wall paper into framed pictures. Genius!

Let your inner Picasso come alive and buy canvas from your local $2 shop.  Choose a colour theme, grab a brush and then go crazy creating your very own masterpieces. Another great idea is grab a flat, smooth piece of wood and some nails. Hammer the nails into the board and create your own string art! You can design an abstract pattern or there are images you can replicate if you have the patience for it.

If your home is low on storage, grab some boxes and attach them to the wall. This looks great in the bathroom where space may be limited or kid’s bedrooms as extra shelving space. Boxes can either be wood, woven or even large gift boxes that you pick up cheaper than a cup of coffee. This may sound drastic but take a look at some photos of how others have used them; it looks amazing if it is done right.

Little Extras

Once you have your main things like paint and furniture sorted you can set to work accessorising your area. Little quirky details are going to be the difference between boring abode and fashion home and many of these will cost you next to nothing.

Are you a wine lover or have a lot of jars in your cupboard? Turn those empty glass items into amazing decorations with a little remodifying. Why not paint those clear jars in funky colours and fill them with flowers? If you have some that are large enough you can also turn them into candle or photo holders. Mix up the sizes and place them around your living room.

If you are confident with a sewing machine, choose some bright fabric and create your own cushions. Don’t be afraid to mix colours and patterns as sticking too uniform will not provide the statement you are after.

Step Out of the Box

While this was just a handful of ideas, there are plenty of ways to branch out and create a brand new look in your home. Visit the op shops and craft places and get inspired to create your very own decor winners. Whether it is second hand furniture that you revamp or bits of unnecessary junk that you pull together and turn into a stylish ornament, possibilities are endless.